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Since 2013, Fabien Petiot has been developing projects and design pieces at the crossroads of industry and craftsmanship. The unique aesthetic that emerges from his work undoubtedly comes from the constant dialogue he maintains between his practice as a product designer, and his training as an art historian: his in-depth expertise on technical processes and materials, crosses his great knowledge of the history of art and design, giving Fabien Petiot's profile as well as his work, their particular character in the contemporary design landscape.


Fabien Petiot Design studio's work is divided between experimental projects, public and private commissions, unique pieces or limited series that he creates for renowned interior designers and collectors. Thus, edited since 2017 by the Mouvements Modernes gallery in Paris, Fabien exhibits his pieces within the framework of prestigious international fairs such as the PAD Art + Design (Paris and London) or The Salon (New York), as well as group show that Mouvements Modern gallery curates regularly in Paris.


Beside the prestigious and high quality bespoke production of his Parisian studio, Fabien Petiot founded Beau Travail in 2020 in The Netherlands where he recently settled to develop industrial design projects. Beau Travail produced its own collections of objects in unlimited series that are accessible to a wide audience. 

In French, Beau Travail means "Excellent work!" or, in a more ironic and familiar way, "What a mess!". Which says a lot about both highest demands for material quality, and an inherent sense of humour. Beau Travail intends to synthesize Fabien Petiot's approach as a designer highly interested in questions of production tools and research on new materials and innovative techniques.

As an extension of his first French studio, Fabien Petiot likes to engage in collaborations with talented craftsmen and small industries on site who are able to produce his projects with a great search for quality, passion and high standards.


Professional experiences


ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Paris): graduated in Industrial Design



Université Paris I-Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris): Ph.D. in Art History 


Founder of Studio Beau Travail (Utrecht - NL)


Teacher and guest designer at: 

  • École Camondo (Paris) (2015-2019)

  • Les Compagnons du devoir (Paris) (2014-2020)

  • Les Ateliers du Carrousel (Paris) (2014-2019)

  • IFM (Institut français de la mode) (2014-2016)

  • Académie Charpentier (Paris) (2014-2016)

  • Les Compagnons du devoir / CNAM (2014-2017)

  • Université Paris Est-Marne-la-Vallée, Master « Luxe, Design et Innovation » (2012)

  • Université Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne, Art History Department (2002-2006)



co-founder of The Polymathic with Chloé Braunstein-Kriegel: consulting, publishing and creative studio



Curator and set designer with Isabelle Daëron for the Exhibition « Roues Libres. Petite mécanique des objets animés » (or ‘How reinventing the wheel’), D’Days – Design Festival (Passage de Retz, Paris, 20-25 May 2014)



Founder of Studio Fabien Petiot Design (Paris - FR)



Workshop « Savoir-faire & Modernité » commissioned by the Hermès Foundation for ENSCI-Les Ateliers and IEP Sciences Po students – co-organized with Chloé Braunstein-Kriegel


Collaboration with c-album (Paris) - graphic design agency


PAD Paris (stand Galerie Mouvements modernes)



  • PAD Paris (stand Galerie Mouvements modernes)

  • Collective Exhibition "L'art et la matière" (Paris: Galerie Mouvements modernes)

  • PAD London (stand Galerie Mouvements modernes)

  • Rocalia – Salon de la pierre naturelle (Lyon)



  • PAD Paris

  • PAD London

  • The Salon Art + Design (New York, 2018), stand Galerie Mouvements modernes



  • PAD Paris

  • PAD London

  • Rocalia – Salon de la pierre naturelle (Lyon)



  • Collective exhibition ‘L’Innovation à cœur’ (Paris: Galerie des Ateliers de Paris)

  • Collective exhibition ‘Flaming: The 1st Firewood Crafts International Emerging Artists Group Exhibition & Symposium’ at Tsinghua University (Beijing, 20-24 November 2015) and The Shanghai Art & Design Academy (Shanghai, 12-27 December 2015)



Collective exhibition 'Roues Libres. Petite mécanique des objets animés' (D’Days – Design Festival, Passage de Retz, Paris, 20-25 May 2014)